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For the Lve of Oysters!

We offer you, from the fresh clear, cold waters of the Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island, some of the finest oysters in the world. Burleigh Brothers provides the best oysters, when only the best will do. It's Uncle Willy's promise!

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A Family-owned Business with over 100 years of history..

The Burleigh name in the industry started in 1912 whenever William Burleigh bought the deeded land from the Pope's family. Shortly after in 1934, Lorne and Burton Burleigh; the sons of Edmund Burleigh and nephews of William Burleigh established "Burleigh Brothers". In 1959, Rogers Burleigh took the business over from his father Burton. Then, in 2003, Troy and Geoffrey Burleigh took the business over from their father Rogers. Troy and Geoffrey are currently the owners and operators of Burleigh Brothers Seafood Ltd. Our business has a long family history in processing some of the best seafood in the world.

The Malpeque Oysters sold by Burleigh Brothers Seafood Ltd. are among some of the finest and highest quality oysters in the world. The Worldwide reputation of the Malpeque Oysters dates back from 1892, when it was judged as the tastiest Oyster in the world; even after crossing the Atlantic by Steamer. It also won the highest awardest at the Paris Exhibition.

Our beds are located in East Bideford on the Malpeque Bay, and these beds date back to a rare crown grant, granted by Queen Victoria of England around 1863. Our #1 bed (Peter Creek Bed) has been the source of award-winning oysters since the late 1800's, and remains in constant use to this day.

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