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Product Type Count of Product Price
Malpeque Premium Oysters 50 or 100 Count $140.00/$185.00
Willy's Large Choice Oysters 30 or 60 Count $130.00/$175.00
Willy's Small Choice Oysters 50 or 100 Count $130.00/$175.00
Willy's Mixed Standard and Choice Oysters 50 (25 Standard/25 Choice) or
100 Count (50 Standard/60 Choice)
Soft Shell Clams 15 LB Box $150.00
Willy's Cocktail Oysters 50 or 100 Count $130.00/$175.00
Little Neck Clams 200 Count $185.00

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With over 100 years of experience in the oyster industry, we care deeply about the quality of our shellfish products.
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